In a World Of Credit Card Fees

In a world where every penny counts, consumers in this economy often find themselves facing unexpected credit card fees. However, the playing field has been leveled and to ensure transparency in transactions, Governor Kathy Kochul has introduced a new law that will shake up the way businesses handle credit card surgeries in New York. Starting Feb 11, when you choose to swipe your credit card there should be no more hidden costs. These changes will impact your everyday shopping which can help you save that pretty penny. Here is what you need to know.

No More Surprises

Thanks to this law, businesses can only add the same amount they’re charged by the credit card company. Eliminating those unexpected fees that creep up with one swipe of their card. And, it gets better, before we make any purchases, businesses have to let us know the total price, including the credit card fees. Or, they’ll have to show us two prices, one for credit, and one for cash. This ensures that we know exactly what we’re paying for before we even get close to checkout. It helps the consumer see upfront where their money is going and keeps things fair and transparent for all shoppers. Alternatively, businesses can offer a two-tiered pricing option, displaying the credit card and a discounted cash price.

Clear Guidelines to Hold Business Accountable

As the new law takes effect consumers in NY can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are protected from hidden fees. With clear guidelines in place, businesses are now accountable for transparent pricing practices, ensuring that consumers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Consumers who encounter businesses that violate these regulations can take action by filing complaints with the Division of Consumer protection (DCP) or their local governments. By staying informed consumers can assert their rights and hold businesses accountable for any violations of the law ultimately fostering a fair and transparent marketplace.

How will this new law shape consumer behavior and business in New York and beyond?

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