Oh Mother Earth, our sacred land,

With open hearts, we take a stand,

We stand before you, small and meek,

In awe of your beauty, we cannot critique.

The land, the sea, the sky above,

All your creatures, great and small we so love,

We hear your cries, your voice so clear,

We promise to act, lend a hand, and truly hear.

The younger generation leads the way,

With passion, purpose, and hearts astray.

They urge us all to make a change,

To live sustainability, to re-arrange.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle we Say,

To help protect and sustain every day.

We lower our carbon footprint with pride,

Choosing eco-friendly products as we stride.

We plant trees and protect the land,

We give back to nature, lending a helping hand.

We strive for a world that’s just and fair,

For our future generations to share.

Oh, Mother Earth, we vow to you,

To honor your beauty, pure and true.

To protect your resources with all our might,

And cherish your gift of life and light.

Well walk with care, and treat you right,

And keep your balance in our sight.

Our promise to you, we will not break,

For the sake of all living, for our planet’s sake.




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