“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way” 

Why passion and purpose?

Why this topic? Well, because honestly, passion and purpose have a profound impact on one’s overall happiness and well-being. By openly talking about passion and purpose, it triggers (the writer) and whoever is reading to reflect on their lives and what is truly important to them. It opens up questions, and many times leaves one pondering, “what does one want to achieve in this lifetime?”

Knowing and pursuing one’s passion and purpose helps you live a more fulfilling life. You are able to focus your time, energy, and efforts on building things that are important and meaningful to you. By taking a closer look at what you value in life you can identify what you are truly passionate about. Often your values and passions intersect.

When Passion Meets Purpose 

Finding your passion(s), and yes, often, it’s more than one,  will take time! Encouraging anyone reading this to take all the time you need to discover and pursue your many passions. It can not be reiterated enough, uncovering one’s passions is a continuous exploration of the many interests over one’s lifetime. The process of that discovery is a journey in itself. A journey that requires introspection and some experimentation, and one that requires much patience and persistence. Truth be told, you will have many passions which help define your purpose over your lifetime.

Cliche as it sounds, but true, life is all about the journey, and if one is lucky, the point where passion and purpose collide will also happen over and over again. That moment of a harmonious balance between your interests and what you feel is your life purpose or calling.  Who said ever said this moment was defined to be one specific thing, or within a specific timeframe? Calling bullshit to this myth.  As we grow and change, so do our interests and passions. Here are three signs to look at that could indicate you found the happy balance between your passion and purpose.

A Sense of Flow

Being so focused on an activity or experience gives your a strong feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. This flow state allows for increased creativity and a sense of well-being, no matter the activity. When you are completely absorbed in what you are doing, time is flying by. You are more motivated and the drive is energetic.

A Sense of Calling

When you feel like you’ve found your calling in life and are confident and happy about the life path in front of you. That’s when passion meets purpose. A reason for being, a passion for pursuing. You tend to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with life with this inner certainty that your busy doing is fulfilling your life’s destiny.

A Greater Sense of Happiness

People who have found their passion and purpose collide report a greater sense of happiness and overall well-being. These individuals have a clear understanding of how to align their passions and purpose with their life work. They tend to make a positive impact on the world and others.

No matter when the moment happens, once you find that happy balance, where passion meets purpose, magic happens, and the results life-changing.

Are you actively pursuing your passions and purpose?

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