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The online world from its inception has had a significant impact on how people pursue their passion and find their purpose. In some way, shape or form the online world has had, and continues to make, it’s impact across all generations. Get Z and those that follow perhaps more so than ever. This is why passion, purpose and influencer marketing is the true match made in heaven. Online heaven that is.

How People Pursue Their Passions and Find Purpose

It all really began with the access to information and resources. Gone are the days of looking things up using the Dewy Decimal system. The internet has made it easier  than ever to access information on any topic, quickly, from the tips of your fingers typing away on the keyboard. This ease and access to knowledge is what has allowed anyone really to purse their passion with more know-how and resources than ever before. Finding you passion and pursing your purpose is accecible on the internet, online. 

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

The internet exposed us all to diverse perspectives and ideas that perhaps we would never would have encountered. It’s one of the best tools that can inspire one to explore new interest and passions. The internet has aided in developing a more well rounded understanding of the world. Social media and other online platforms have created the opportunity for connection and collaboration. No matter where you are in the world. For the most part you can connect in some what with someone way across the world. The internet has allowed for that.

Influencer Marketing Jobs

The online world created new entrepreneurial opportunities and ways for people to not only purse their passions and interest but to monetize their dreams in the process. From starting a blog, or becoming some type of influencer, or content creator, creating a YouTube channel or starting an online business. Influencer marketing jobs of all types are everywhere in online heaven. As the internet continues to advance, Web3 etc., individuals are able to purse their passions and find purpose in a more connected and dynamic online world.

Millennials and Gen Z Pursuing their Passion Online

Millennials and Gen Z are highly engaged with the online world. They are more likely than past generations to purse their passions using some type of digital platform to express their interest and passions. According to a recent report by Deloitte, 72% of Gen Z and 68% of millennial say they are actively pursuing their passion online. These generations passion and purpose in life, whether be through creating content, starting a online side hustle or engaging with online communities sharing mutual interest is found in online heaven.

Influencers & Content Creators Use Their Passion as The Foundation for Their Content

Influencers will often use their passion and interest as the foundation for their content and platforms. As example, here you are reading a blog post about influencer marketing, a niche of social media and digital marketing. One of the many passions of mine, your writer. You can learn more about me and my passion fo marketing here. I actively use my passions as the foundation for my content on this blog. Sharing my passions, expertise and life experiences.

Influencers Sharing Expertise, Passions and Interest 

This is what were all doing as influencers, in some way shape or form in this online heaven. Sharing our expertise, using our passion as a source of meaningful inspiration with engaging content. We have influencers online raising awareness and advocating for things their passionate about and reflecting their values. We. Have influencers using their voice to promote social good. What more, online influencers can inspire their follower to take action and make a difference. What about purpose, passion and profit, you ask. Not to worry, that’s a topic that deserves its own blog post. (Coming up next in this series of writings of influencer marketing.)

Passion Purpose Potential

Influencers and content creators use their passion to engage with their online community and build their tribe. And this is what creates that sense of belonging. By creating space where people can connect and share interest and passions influencers foster a strong trust and loyal following. By leveraging their passion as the foundation for their content influencers can establish themselves and thought leaders and community builders in their niche.

Are you pursuing your passion in Online Heaven?

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This is an article part of a series of writings about Influencer marketing.

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