“You Know the Truth by the way it Feels.” 

On this journey of learning more about yourself and what you want out of life, you discover that listening to your intuitive voice as it guides you through life will have you feeling happy and at ease. Your intuitive voice, that inner guidance, that translates its messages for you by the way of feelings. When you pay attention to your feelings, that first instinct, that is your intuitive guidance speaking. The voice of our intuition is integrated with our body and our energy. It’s our vibration and frequency of love and compassion.

Feel the Vibes 

Your energy will feel light and things will flow in your favor when listening to your inner voice. There will be times when you may get this overwhelming sensation in your gut when something doesn’t feel right. Don’t ignore these feelings it’s your intuition speaking. Tune in to your body and listen. Your intuition will use your physical body as a medium to bring attention to areas that need to be felt, heard, and healed. In the smallest or largest of ways, you are either always listening or ignoring your inner voice. By paying attention to your inner voice you learn to strengthen it and use that energy for positive actions in your life. The inner voice is a voice you will always want to hear, and make sure that never turns itself off. Learn to name your emotions as to how you feel. What do these sensations tell you? What’s its message to you?

Trust Your Inner Voice

Learning to trust your intuition is learning to trust yourself. It becomes a sixth sense of sorts and it can give you information you won’t receive any other way. Allowing your inner voice to guide you not only helps you show up as the best version of yourself but you become confident and fully embody who you are and your self-worth.  Listening closely to that inner guide allows one to go forth in life with the greatest power within you already activated. Things come with ease and flow that are in alignment with your life path when we listen to that voice. When your life path begins to harm you, you’ve taken a detour on your path. Most likely happened by not paying attention to what that intuitive voice was trying to say to you.  When you chase a dream that doesn’t belong to you and don’t listen to your inner guide your life path will show you. To ignore your inner voice would be to ignore your inner compass.

Are YOU listening to your Intuitive Voice?

Until next Time ~ Ayri

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