Perfect Time of Year for Reflection

Ah, this journey of uncovering one’s passion and finding one’s purpose, the inspiration for why we do what we do, life will take us on many turns. Sometimes in circles. To avoid those circles, and as we start to enjoy the festive holiday season, is the perfect time of year for this one little activity. Encouraging all to take the time to reflect on this past year. Did we accomplish the goals we wanted? Are we happy where we are today? The path taken. The life lessons learned? Did you move forward in 2022? Whatever the answer to those questions may be, remember this. The best-kept secret about life, measure in happiness, the best life indicator there is.  Are you happy? If there is even one slight tinge of negativity and not an instant yes, may we suggest carving out some time for a little life re-design? 

Never Fear A Re-Design

One must consistently re-design one’s life to keep up with the variables that come across our path. To achieve this, take the time to do the inner work, reflecting and introspecting upon your life. Reflection. Looking back so that the view looking forward is clearer. Introspection. The self-questioning to change ourselves based on past life experiences. By evaluating ourselves, how and what we think, our thoughts, and emotions, and asking questions, we awaken our minds to how we use our time.  Self-reflection, reflective awareness, reflective consciousness, whatever you choose to call it, is necessary for your overall well-being.  So as we get near the end of the year, reflect back and ask the one question that matters most, Are you happy?  Whatever that answer may be know there is always a way to improve your own happiness

How do you know you are heading in the right direction if you never take the time to stop and think?