Happiness; In the context of life, satisfaction or the subject of well-being


Whether we’re aware of it or not, in life (as is in the art of marketing) that feeling of happiness and its reward is something that we all should account for in our daily lives.  Fact is, we as humans seek in our lives elements of happiness both personally and professionally that drives our need to find meaningful purpose in our lives.  No matter where we are from, our age, or our background, we can all relate to and identify with the core fundamentals that make us happy.

 “Open your eyes and look within, are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” – Bob Marley

So when did I start applying similar rules to my personal life as I do in my professional life? It wasn’t until after, life had knocked me down a few more times than I would have liked, had one too many  “F* it episodes,  and somewhat of an epiphany, what I now refer to as “connect the dot moments”.  I realized I wasn’t measuring my own success and monitoring along the way.  Somewhere along this journey, I lost sight of recalibrating my own life with the best KPI and indicator there is……happiness. 

  Truth be told, to measure your life by happiness is to take the time to consistently re-designing your life to keep up with the flow and variables of life. While I was busy rocking my regular 9-5 marketing gig and being wife and mom, I still have this feeling I want to do more with my life, and this feeling wanting to do and achieve more,  in order to get there, I had to develop my own system that would better allow me to balance life’s intangibles more efficiently. I did this is to maximize the amount of time available in a day, week, month, year,  and to do more of all the other things in life that make one feel happy and increase true happiness. There’s no better feeling than that. What factors do you value as important to measure your life’s happiness? 

Every one of us has the ability to create the life we desire. 

We all have what it takes to create the life we dream about, it takes active action every day.  Increase happiness in your life it takes hard work, a dream chaser. You need the drive and the want to be a difference-maker, and action taker; a person willing to take action on what is needed to make a change.  Sometimes we need to take the time to set life a little bit on pause, and now mid-pandemic, one might argue is the right time to re-evaluate, re-adjust, refocus, and rebalance life’s variables. By variables I mean, the areas of life which are important to you,  be it family, money, career, home finances, self-care, etc, measure them, and ask yourself, am I doing everything I can do to be happy in this area?  If your answer is NO, then actively work on optimizing/improving aspects of your life. So I encourage anyone who’s taking the time to read this, just go for it. Do whatever it is you want to do in life that increases your level of happiness and do more of that, ACTIVELY!

Do whatever it is you want to do in life that increases your life’s level of happiness.

Do more of that, ACTIVELY…And so, with that, it brings me to the beginning of this blogging journey, and one step closer to fulfilling one of my many happiness variables. In this case, my love for writing, and my once upon a time little girls dream of one day becoming an author, thank you for reading all the way to the end here.  As you get to know me, I’ll be writing about my many passions and topics in my areas of expertise, destination marketing, all things travel, tourism, events,  lifestyle, and healthyish vibes.

Truth is, we’re all on an exciting journey, and the older I get, one thing bears true, in order to increase happiness we must stay focused on what’s important to us, stay true to the values, and from time to time, readjust and refocus to stay balanced on really matters.  

Masha Danki, (Thank you in my native Papiamento)  for reading all the way to the end here.

When was the last time you measured your life in happiness?

Until next time. ~ Ayri