“The only real valuable thing is intuition” ~ Albert Einstein

On this journey to discovering your passion and purpose and getting to know more of yourself and what you want out of life, have the courage to listen to your heart and follow your intuition. “They somehow already know who you truly are”, famous words once said by Steve Jobs.  To trust your inner guidance is to listen to your feelings and emotions ushering you through life vs rigid logic and reason.   The reality is that not every decision based on logic is best for your personal wellbeing and happiness. And rather we must listen to our gut, as It’s the mind, that can get caught up with the rational, and lead you to a misguided decision.  Our subconscious mind will always guide us with the information and know-how you need to move towards the right direction, or what some may say is your true calling.  You will know when you’ve made a decision based on intuition because it will “simply feel right” and often things just flow in your favor with very little effort.  That natural “go with the flow feeling” that is your intuition speaking and will make its self felt in subtle and calming ways. Recognize and notice the messages from your heart and allow them to advise and guide you so you can continue to go with YOUR flow on this journey we call life.  Once you discover and learn to listen to your intuitive voice it guides you in uplifting ways.

How are you discovering, cultivating, and nurturing your intuitive voice?

Until next Time ~ Ayri

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