There is an actual day dedicated to planning a Vacation! 

After some studies, that tracked American vacation usage discovered, that two-thirds of Americans don’t plan their vacation time, a national day was created to bring awareness and highlight the importance of taking a vacation.  And now in today’s world after living through almost three years in this Covid-19 pandemic, many people are itching to take time away, have a change of scenery, and truly enjoy a safe vacation. So what better than today, National Plan a Vacation day as a gentle reminder to go ahead start planning and book that vacation and take that time off!

Travel With A Purpose

Travel so that it speaks to your heart and soul. Take the trip and book the travel experience that moves you. Whatever that may be. It’s different for everyone. But what traveling does for everyone is the same. Traveling takes us all to someplace new. This takes you out of your comfort zone. And by having these new experiences, learning new cultures, and meeting new people, you expand your awareness of the world. Truth is, meeting new people can introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about life. When you step outside your daily routines and explore something new, you feel more introspective about one’s own life. Stop postponing that vacation and start planning that magical vacation with family and friends this year.  Traveling is known to improve your outlook on life and reduce stress making you healthier and happier. Studies prove it, so go ahead. Plan, book, and take those vacation days.

You deserve it.

What’s your bucket list vacation destination in 2022?

Until next Time ~ Ayri

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