Chasing Dreams with the Heart’s Compass

If only we had a dollar for every time someone asked us, “Why did you leave the beaches of Aruba for New York?”,  we likely have enough to hop a direct flight back to Aruba’s pristine shores whenever we liked. Our move wasn’t a departure from our island but rather an expansion of its horizon. Entrusted with a dream job of promoting my beloved Aruba in the northeast, we embraced the opportunity and took the biggest leap of faith in our lives.

Moving from sunny Aruba to bustling life in the northeast was like trading a familiar book for an unread novel at midlife.  Our relocation from the happy island of Aruba to the sprawling landscapes of New York has been a ride full of unexpected twists and turns. Remembering one of our first winter mornings, as fresh snow graced the ground, our kids threw on their jackets and ran outside to play, mimicking their beach days, now sculpting snow into castles. In that moment, the blend of past memories and new beginnings encapsulated the beginning of all the changes the next chapter of our journey had in store.

The Changing Seasons, Fall Equinox

Today, as the fall graces us, a moment when day and night are held in perfect balance, we’re reminded of life’s delicate equilibrium. Nature’s rhythms often mirror our own inner journey. The changing colors of leaves symbolize the ever-shifting episodes of our lives, while the heart acts as our guide, leading us to chase our passions and purpose.

Life’s Pursuits and the Heart’s Wisdom

Life, in all its complexity, is a series of moments that create our unique stories.  Telling tales of joy, sorrow, dreams, and the mundane. There’s a profound truth in the saying, “The heart has its reasons, which reasons know nothing.” This truth echoes louder as seasons and circumstances change. As the seasons shift, our personal narratives evolve. Each experience, whether a passionate pursuit, a painful setback, or a simple everyday pleasure, plays a pivotal role in leading us toward our higher purpose.

In the quest for happiness, one learns that it isn’t found in a singular defining event, but rather in the collective moments of our lives. From the heart-fluttering excitement of chasing a dream to the quiet introspection of a cool autumn night, understanding the art of happiness means finding gratitude in the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Between Mind and Emotion

Our brain, with its logical thinking quickly process and reacts to events. But it’s the heart, pulsating with emotion and purpose, that sometimes needs moments, or even seasons, to find its natural rhythm. The fall equinox symbolizes this balance between immediate understanding and contemplative realization. It reminds us that while our minds are quickly processing and doing all the logical things, our hearts might still be resonating with a dream that once was. 

Embracing Gratitude in Every Season

Every life event, be it significant or seemingly trivial, guides us toward uncovering our higher purpose. The beauty of existence isn’t just in the peak moments, but also in the valleys and plateaus. By embracing gratitude, even in adversity, we learn to appreciate the vastness of our experiences and that discovering purpose is a  continued act of gratitude. As the leaves fall this equinox, let them remind us of the cyclical nature of life. Each leaf, no matter when it falls, in each moment, is essential to the whole. Through our heart’s guidance, we learn to chase our passions, find purpose, and embrace the art of happiness knowing that every step, for every season, has its own value and life lesson.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith, moving away from familiarity to the unknown?

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, 

Until next time. ~ Ayri

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