People are Eager to Making Up For Lost Travel Time

After the CDC relaxed its guidelines around Covid-19, many countries across the world have followed suit. Travel restrictions are being removed daily by destinations, easing the way back to traveling freely between places. Thereby making it less of a hassle for travelers to get back to doing one of the things they miss the most, traveling! 

Last week’s reports from the TSA are a great key indicator of the travel season before us, (and travel experts agree,) we are off to a great start to the travel season. Airport traffic is already having peak travel day numbers surpassing 2019 pre-pandemic travel. Many accommodations and car rentals are encouraging travelers to book early as many places start to fill up just in time for prime travel season.

Travelers & The Tourism Industry Quickly Adapting to The Worlds Re-Opening

Just as the world had to adjust to the shutdown and isolation, the world will need to adjust to its rather quick re-opening. While there is no denying that the pandemic has vastly impacted travel globally, today, we are seeing and hearing, all across the hospitality and tourism sectors and sub-sectors, that tourism’s rebound is on the horizon. Heck, for some rebound is already here as some destinations have already been opened for a while. All of these welcome signs that travelers are taking those well-deserved vacations in some of our favorite destinations.

Travel Experts All Agree on Key Trends for 2022

Whether that be stateside or taking off on an international adventure, people are eager to travel. This was confirmed in a recent survey report by American Express Travel just released yesterday. In this survey, 74% of respondents said they were willing to book a trip this year even if it meant that they may have to modify or cancel later. This was reported to be up 56% from last year. A positive sign. What’s more, travelers are going to travel more frequently this year, spend more on their travel, and plan on finally taking that dream trip.

Earlier this year, travel expert Expedia shared its similar survey results. Revealing the GOAT mindset for 2022. Meaning, people are eager to make up for lost vacation time and to take their  Greats Of All Trips. Virtuoso in its survey of travel trends shared that they saw a 76% spike in ultra-luxury travel with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Travel agents couldn’t agree more. It’s shaping up to be a blazing year for travel and as some predicted. It may still be a booming year despite things starting off to a rocky start. While there is no denying there may be some residual pandemic-related fears as things improve. Overall enthusiasm for travel after two years of not being able to do so, has people impatient as they count down to those vacation days gearing up, ready to explore. “Itching to get out” is how best to perhaps describe the feeling, reported by a traveler who recently booked six trips for this year.

What Dream Destination Are you Traveling to This Year?

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