Wanderlust, a sentiment never so strong than in a pandemic world

While winter travel 2022 takes a bit of a pause, that’s not stopping anyone from dreaming up all the trips they want to take later on this year.  Traveler excitement remains high despite the ups and downs of the pandemic. After one too many canceled trips and postponed experiences, in 2022 travelers want to get out and have more fun, doing one of the activities they miss the most, traveling! It’s now just a matter of the right timing. 

Pandemic fatigue is so F* real and it’s fueling increased excitement for travel. Research proves it. Just ask our friends over at Destination Analyst who tracks travel sentiment week over week. According to their latest research, nearly 80% of American travelers currently have a trip planned this year and anticipate taking more. The number one word used to describe how consumers feel about travel right now. Excited. In fact, enthusiasm for travel is the highest since the Omnicron wave began. 

All anyone really wants to do, is forget all about the pandemic, take a well-deserved vacation, and have some real fun! This is positive news for those in the travel industry.  After all, it’s the core of what the industry has been founded on, selling fun.

NEW Travel Experiences Are What Consumers Crave

According to travel expert Expedia, two-thirds of Americans are planning the greatest trip of all time in 2022. More than ever before do travelers want to go somewhere they have never been before and make truly unique memorable experiences. Travelers everywhere are craving something NEW.  Even Expedia declared 2022 the year of the GOAT. GOAT stands for “Greatest of all Trips”. There is no more waiting to take that dream vacation. The pandemic has reminded us all that life is fragile. We need to be doing more of the things we love and for many, that thing is traveling. More than ever before are people willing to splurge on fun exhilarating experiences. Consumers are looking for brands that cater to not only their personalized interest but also provide an additional layer of personalized service in real-time as to guidance on Covid-19 travel requirements for every aspect of their vacation experience. 

Tourism Is Resilient

Nobody can predict what the future of travel will be after Covid-19, or what that will look like. One thing we do know, travel will become safer and more easily accessible. Whether it’s domestically, abroad, or the trip of a lifetime people will be keeping a careful eye on the ongoing Covid-19 situation to best assess when is the best opportune time for traveling. Most likely we will see a lot of last-minute spontaneous trips taken this year. For now, while travel will continue to be a bit complicated it’s great to know that people are excited to return to roads and skies and explore the world when it’s safe to do so. 

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