Solstice Radiance 

On this solstice day, so bright and true, 

Nature’s wonder comes into view. 

Fields ablaze, bathing in golden light,

Inviting us to revel in her sight. 

The sun’s warm touch upon or skin, 

As the summer’s journey does begin.

A gentle breeze whispers through the trees, 

Embracing us with nature’s ease. 

Riverside, we now seek respite, 

In tranquil moments of pure delight. 

Finding solance in nature embrace,

A refuge from life’s hectic pace. 

In blooming gardens, colors unfold. 

Nature’s palette, A story untold. 

Each petal, a brushstroke divine. 

Unveiling beauty, so genuinely fine. 

This solstice calls us to reflect, 

Oh, the wonders our world has in effect. 

A reminder of our place and role, 

To cherish and protect heart and soul.


Thank you for reading all the way to the end,

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