Passion and purpose, are two words that hold the key,

To unlock a life that’s fulfilling and free.

But sometimes the path ahead is unclear and hazy,

Leaving us feeling lost, and our dreams put on pause, maybe.

We try our best, pushing forward with all our might,

But sometimes it feels like we’re not getting it quite right.

The universe whispers to us, “You hold the power to change”,

And deep down we know, it’s time for us to change the game.

We long for a place where we belong, where can thrive,

Mental health is intact, worries left behind, and we strive.

If we feel disconnected or lost, it’s time to shift our perspective,

And open ourselves up to new possibilities and objectives.

Embrace a different path requires Courage and Fatih,

In ourselves, the universe, and in the power of our own grace.

Passion and purpose are the driving force behind the quest,

And with each step, we become stronger, wiser, and more blessed.

So let’s face the winds of change with a positive outlook and hope,

The universe has a way of helping us learn to cope.

Passion and purpose will guide us to where we’re meant to be,

And with every challenge we overcome, we become more resilient, wise, and free.

Remember that life’s journey can be full of ups and downs,

But every experience helps us grow and strengthen our crown.

So keep pushing, keep striving, and keep believing,

That your passion and purpose will lead you to a life worth achieving.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and writing Poems!

 Thank you for reading until the end,


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