Strategies for Exceptional Guest Service

A warm smile, a friendly greeting, and a personal touch can go a long way in creating memorable experiences for visitors, but these elements are not as common as they use to be.  Hospitality is, has been a crucial fundamental component of the tourism service sector since its inception. It’s what sets destinations apart and creates loyal repeat visitors. 

The rise of technology and automation and the impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on the industry has posed challenges to the art of hospitality.  Some argue that the spirit of hospitality is a dying art, but with training and focus on the art of hospitality, it can be revived to create exceptional guest experiences exceeding all visitor expectations.   

The Importance of Hospitality in Tourism 

Hospitality has different levels of importance in different counties depending on the degree to which tourism is relied upon as a sector contributor to the economy. There are several countries that rely heavily on tourism and are renowned for their exceptional hospitality. Some examples include Aruba, in the Caribbean, Maldives, Japan, Greece, and Italy for example. Some countries are known for their lack of hospitality and could look to improve their overall visitor experiences by offering training and development for industry workers to improve their overall guest experience.  The truth is that hospitality is an art that should be preserved and nurtured and can make a major difference in the success of a tourism-based business. The spirit of hospitality is all about providing a memorable experience to your guest and it can be achieved with a few simple tips. These are three key aspects of hospitality that can be trained. 

It’s the Little Things That Matter, Attention to Detail 

It’s the little things that matter in hospitality and often it’s the little things that make a big difference and create a positive and memorable experience for your guests. Pay attention to the small details. Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes, and anticipate the next request. Do everything to make your guest feel comfortable (and at home). This in turn leads to a more enjoyable experience having guests coming back again and again. 

Engage in the Human Connection

More than ever are people craving human connection and hospitality is all about creating a personal connection with your guest. Engage with them, ask them questions take interest in their lives by doing so you’ll create a bond that will last long after they leave your establishment. 


Offering personalized service no doubt will create a more memorable experience for your guest. From simple things such as greeting visitors by name, remembering guest preferences, and providing special touches to their overall experience. Today there are many new technologies that can aid in personalizing guest experience including CRM, Chatbots, and voice-activated assistance, all of which provide personalized service in hospitality environments.  

The Future of Hospitality

As the backbone of the tourism industry, Hospitality plays a crucial role in creating a memorable experience for guests. Visitors to new destinations often rely on the warmth and friendliness of their hosts to feel comfortable and at ease. The level of hospitality can make a difference in determining whether a guest will return or recommend that experience to others. With so many new technologies and training services readily available to tourism industry personnel, the potential for personalization in the guest experience has never been greater. 

Think back to your last hospitality experience, did it exceed your expectations and leave you wanting to return? 


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