Is Happiness Measurable?

There is no doubt that measuring happiness is a monumental task. Just ask a researcher or scientist and they will tell you, happiness can’t be measured.  Yet, others, including myself, would disagree.  You see there are different types of happiness and it’s not all one-dimensional. Therefore measuring happiness must take a multidimensional approach. To measure happiness takes creating your own life scorecard and measuring what is important to you driving your deeper feelings of meaning, pleasure, passion, and purpose.

Happiness Matters

Hate to break it to you but true happiness isn’t about being happy all the time. Happiness rather implies that one lives with a positive mindset and looks optimistically toward the future. That general happiness is what makes life worth living.  But a constant state of being happy is unrealistic. So how one responds to those moments of hardship and bounce is very important.  Your mental health and happiness are just as important as your physical health. Your happiness matters and balancing life’s ebbs and flows are critical.

Time of Reflection

 Today the start of Autumn, the Fall Equinox is a great time to reflect and check in on how happy you are with your life.  When you constantly take the time to check in with what brings your joy, you consistently re-design your life to keep up with the variables of your life.

How happy are you? How satisfied are you with your life?