Travel Gets Safer With Every Wave

Despite the latest speed bump with Omicron, which has yet to tell its full story, the travel community remains optimistic with consumer confidence seemingly more at ease in comparison to where we were only a year ago. Much of this optimism is in part due to more travelers continuing to get the Covid-19 vaccine and booster making travel safer every day.

At this point in the pandemic, it honestly seems that Americans (as others around the globe) are starting to have accepted the fact that Covid-19 is here to stay. How we learn to live with it determines how much of  “normal” life is re-gained. Truth is that vaccines and preventative measures such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and testing are a large part of will help make this challenge, and other waves, more manageable. Truth be told people are willing to do what is needed to stay safe (and avoid another lockdown) in order to enjoy the things they like to do. For many, that thing is getting back to traveling, both domestically and abroad.

Positive Travel Trends 

According to Expedia’s 2022 Travel trends report, more than two-thirds of Americans are planning their next big international trip. In fact, travelers are gearing up for their “greatest trip of all time”, or adapting the GOAT mentality as Expedia expert stated, seeking excitement. And the good news, almost half of all travelers are more than willing to splurge on their next trip. While the other half is perhaps a little looking for more friendly budget options. Our friends over at, sharing that 40% of travelers intend to rebook a trip they had to cancel due to the pandemic for next year. And the WTTC (World travel Tourism Council) predicts that international travel will recover close to 88% of international travel. Just this week, the Complete Caribbean podcast predicted travel to the Caribbean will be a popular choice in 2022 for those looking for warmer temperatures and carefree sunny days beachside with more direct flights from the U.S daily.

Top Travel Consumer Priorities

Whether it’s staying closer to home or venturing far away, 2022 clearly is the year that the pent-up wanderlust has travelers dusting off their passports and suitcases and getting back out seeing the world. what are the top consumer priorities when it comes to planning travel? Without a doubt, flexibility will be one of the most important factors influencing levels of confidence for American consumers followed by health and hygiene guidelines when choosing where to travel, what hotel to pick, what activities to do, etc. . There will be a lot of “playing it by ear” in the new year making spontaneous trips still quite popular. More importantly, the trip experience Americans are looking forward to the most is the chance to relax and forget all about the pandemic every happening. 

How confident do you feel about Traveling abroad in 2022?

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