More than ever has travel confidence been restored today

A day that many people around the world have been waiting for, The United States has opened its doors for global visitors from around the world for those fully vaccinated. This has given the global tourism economy the tourism boost it’s been waiting for all year. With many travel plans having been put on hold because of the pandemic, so many people are looking forward to this holiday season and next year as prime time to make up for lost vacations.  This is a welcome sign that for the first time, in a long time, travelers are looking forward to meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and trying new things. Travel for everyone in 2022 will be a more appreciated and mindful experience, in every sense of the word.

Travel experts, we all agree, travel is set to become the self-care trend of 2022. In a recent survey, 52% of travelers say they will start making up for lost vacation time in a big way by actively traveling, and affirm, that travel helps one’s personal wellbeing in more forms than just relaxation. The benefits of travel go beyond making memories and getting out and exploring a foreign place. Travel can help one’s emotional and mental wellbeing. In fact, 66% of survey respondents said they didn’t realize how important travel was to their wellbeing until it wasn’t an option anymore.

Sounds like it’s time to confidently dust off the passport, find the suitcase up in the attic, and try to remember what it feels like to travel again.  Easing much of the anxiety of getting out and about again has been the aid of technology at our fingertips. More than ever do travelers crave a sense of safety and control over their travel experience with their smart devices and brands better be ready to adapt to that service level.  The pandemic may not over just yet so in order for travel and sub-economies to thrive in 2022 and beyond, clear Covid-19 protocol communication, along with flexible cancelations policies by travel providers will need to be a mainstay.  All these factors will continue to be the top considerations for travelers when choosing their next vacation experience.

However, despite the challenges the future of travel looks merry and bright as we head into the holiday season. The U.S border re-opening has kicked off a surge of both domestic and international travel and its trickle effect will give a welcome boost to the economy. There isn’t a travel company, destination, or accommodation right now that hasn’t seen an increase in bookings the past couple of weeks since the U.S opening announcements. More than ever are travelers more comfortable venturing farther away from home and exploring someplace new. The new travel consumer has emerged and it’s going to be an exciting time in travel for everyone.  Treating yourself to a travel experience is one of the more empowering acts of self-care. Empower your personal wellbeing and find something meaningful that motivates you to book a ticket and travel.

What travel destination is on your holiday bucket list? 

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