Are You Ready to Travel Again?

Good News, all recent reports indicate that consumers WANT to travel and are looking forward to it, which is a good sign for the Hospitality and Tourism industries. However, regional COVID-19 hotspots affect travel comfort levels across the U.S. Those in or around a COVID-19 hotspot are least comfortable with the idea of traveling,and only when states start to successfully flatten the curve, do residents in those states start getting more comfortable with the idea of traveling again.

  • At risk, demographics are the least comfortable with travel (ages 55+.
  • While the younger generations are leading the travel industry road to recovery (ages 18+).

One can conclude that for the most part consumers will feel the most comfortable when a vaccine is widely distributed to start actively traveling again. And even then, there will be other important factors that will remain a key part of the travel experience pre, post, and during travel to instill consumer confidence, as the pandemic has changed the hospitality and tourism industries forever.  Important factors that will help consumers feel comfortable about traveling again either domestically or internationally are

  • COVID -19 Vaccination 
  • Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitizing Practices 
  • Social Distance & Mask Requirements
  • Crowd Size Limitations
  • Mandatory Covid Testing for Staff
  • Covid 19 Testing Access & Fast Results 

What will it take to get you 100% comfortable with traveling again? 

Until Next Time ~ Ayri