Effective, AWARD-WINNING Marketing

We all wish there was an easy, step-by-step recipe with all the secret ingredients for creating kick-ass, compelling, award-winning marketing campaigns? Truth be told, you never know what will move the needle until you make bold moves, step out in the market and dare to create something unique consumers will engage with. Yes, the digital marketing landscape is rapid-fire, and new technologies and trends are ever-evolving, but some core basic fundamentals remain when creating any type of marketing program

 1. Stay True to your BRAND PURPOSE and what makes your DIFFERENT

If you try to be everything to everybody, odds are, you’ll miss the mark. Start with a deep understanding of your brand’s strengths, intimately know your audience is and what you have to say or project to connect with them. What’s special about your brand? What’s the right niche?  What consumer problem are you trying to solve?  What enhanced experience do you have to offer? Share your unique story, stay true to your brand and core message. Make your consumer, your guest experience and your solution what’s most important. Make this the focal point.


One of the most important tenets of building a brand sharing your story consistently and seamlessly cascading that message across all channels. Your online marketing is the face of your brand, and if customers don’t like what they see on your website or social media, it’s likely they will not engage. Even worse, they may even be turned off. It’s important to be consistent and optimize your messaging across all facets of your marketing machine.  Not only are you building a source of truth for your customers, but also tailoring that interaction across marketing platforms that are governed by these same principles.

3. Engaging CONTENT & CONNECTIONS Across Audiences Builds Trust & Loyalty

No matter how you communicate to your social media audience, be that copy, photos, or video, make sure your content is authentic to your brand and leverages consumer curiosity. In today’s video-byte world, we don’t always need to have the latest, most expensive tech in order to be groundbreaking. What you do need is a creative approach that builds consumer connections and sets the brand apart from your competitors. On each platform, from email marketing to social media, the key is gaining visibility and engagement for your brand across the most qualified, targeted audience. Your content should reach a quality level in-line with brand standards and have useful information that helps solve a consumer’s need, add value, or enhance their experience. Your brand is your reputation. Make it easy for advocates to connect with you. A complete omnichannel view of your brand means everything when striving to give consumers or prospects a seamless experience.


4. Data-Driven Marketing is ESSENTIAL for Maximum ROI 

By embracing a data-driven marketing mindset, you’ll not only get a deeper understanding of your customer, you’ll also get better at anticipating their needs and preferences. Providing them with the right messaging or product offering to solve their needs, creates a more personalized experience, driving brand affinity, higher ROI, and conversion rates. With so much helpful data available, formulating personas and target audiences is a great way to harness your data and smartly deploy it through paid advertisements. Pay-per-click campaigns retargeted ads, programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and targeted engagement campaigns can feed directly into the brand’s “owned” channels, resulting in either a direct conversion or even earned media coverage. Great ideas to market and grow one’s business are often plentiful. It’s the cash, time and know-how to implement those ideas that has always been the struggle. With, essentially, real-time data optimization, AI is transforming marketing and driving higher ROI on ad spends. 

Ready to start creating award-winning marketing campaigns?