Show Yourself Some Love and Book  A Vacation 

With 2022 being the year many travelers plan on taking a long-overdue “trip of a lifetime”, what better day than today, Valentines Day, to remind anyone reading this that taking a vacation is not deemed a luxury but rather a necessity.  It’s also the ultimate form of self-care and love. For yourself and those around you. Best stop postponing that vacation and start planning that magical trip with family and friends now!

# 1 Vacationing Improves Your Mental Health

Traveling is known to improve your outlook on life, reduce stress, making you healthier and happier.  By taking a vacation and going somewhere new you remove yourself from daily activities and environments that may be causing you long-term harm. Just taking a break from your daily work can reduce your stress levels up to 40%. Studies prove it. There are direct correlations between physical and mental health that stress is the leading contributor. Over time if you don’t take a break from these stressors it can lead to depression, anxiety, burnout, or worse a fatal heart attack.  Taking the time to be away, by vacationing, is an excellent way to reset and disconnect allowing your mind and body to recharge.

#2 Travel Improves Relationships

Families and loved ones who spend time traveling together creating lifelong memories, experiencing new cultures, and learning from each other, are in fact cultivating a closer bond. New experiences through travel make you depend on your loved ones, which builds trust. By taking a vacation it provides the quality time that humans desire that helps them feel loved and supported.  According to a study done by the U.S Travel Association couples who travel together have healthier happier relationships than those who don’t. Family, Couples, and close loved ones who travel together, improve their relationship communication and can help learn so much more about each other just by going away together!

# 3 Taking a Vacation Increases Your Creativity and Productivity

Taking a step back from the daily grind, disconnecting, and recharging influences your creativity and productivity when you do get back to work. It’s been scientifically proven. Traveling can positively affect your ability to be innovative. Many times it’s via our travel experiences that influence those innovations, allowing one to be creative. Travel also allows the time and opportunity to reflect and connect with others who have a different view of the world. This soul searching in many ways sometimes has us question our own goals and life’s priorities boosting our desire to improve our way of life upon return of a vacation.

Taking a Vacation Really Is Essential

Not only does survey data show that those who take time off are happier, but spending time with loved ones on a vacation gives one a greater sense of belongingness. Travel can boost your brain function and makes you more creative when you experience something new.  By connecting with new people and different cultures it allows you to see things from a different perspective. This leads to increases in your energy level and overall productivity. All in turn which leads to improving your general outlook on life and overall mental health.  The timing is now for a break as the pandemic continues with no end in sight. Take the time for yourself and go on that well-deserved vacation.

So, What are you waiting for? Book that Vacation!

Until next Time ~ Ayri

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