Small Towns Along the Each Coast USA that are on our Road-trip bucket list

If there’s is one thing America is known for, is its vast open roads and picturesque small towns that seem plucked straight out of a novel or movie. It’s these small towns that encapsulate the essence of the country and provides an intimate look at it’s history. With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to embark on a road trip across the East Coast. Here’s a curated list of small towns that are on our bucket list!

Cape May, New Jersey

Being passionate about tourism, Cape May has been on our bucket list since moving here as It’s known as one of America’s oldest vacation resort destinations preserved in Victorian architecture. Not to be missed is their must-visit CapeMay lighthouse which is known for its panoramic views of the shore.  They say it’s like stepping back in time when visiting this little town by the seashore.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This coastal town is known among the travel chatter as an eclectic destination with a rich history. What makes it unique is it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. established in 1623. It was predominately a fishing and trading village in the year years.  One of the unique aspects is its connection with summaries and is home to the Portsmouth shipyard the U.S. Navy’s oldest operating shipyard. In recent years Portsmouth has become knowns for its diverse food scene and has become a culinary destination town for locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Rockland, Maine, and the Maine Lobster Festival

On the bucket list and a must-make happen this year is Rockland Maine, specifically from August 2-6, 2023 for the famous Maine Lobster Festival. Nestled online the Penobscot Bay, this little town is known not only for the lobster but its art scene! Farnsworth Art Museum is on my list to visit as it’s rumored to have one of the oldest collections of American art. Excited to stroll the many galleries and experience the seaside cultural expression. 

Hitting the American Open Road 

These coastal gems aren’t just locations on a map, they are rich in the quintessential American experiences. They offer us the opportunity to explore an appreciate the lesser-known corners of this great nation while brooding our understanding of what it means to be part of this diverse and dynamic country. So as we check these towns off the bucket list I’m reminded why road trips are such a cherished American tradition. It’s not just about reaching the destination, but the stories we encounter along the way, the people we met, and the picturesque landscapes. It’s those accidental detours that lead to hidden gems, local eateries dishing up home-cooked meals, and the history story that unfolds with every mile.

So, where will your next road trip take you?

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