Hidden Gem of New York State

The Hudson Valley, a picturesque region that runs along the Hudson River in New York State, has long been admired for its rich history, cultural landmarks, and breathtaking landscapes. But one of its most captivating spectacles is redoubtable the annual transformation of its foliage in autumn. If you have never had the opportunity to experience the beauty of Hudson Valley in the fall, here’s why you should consider it your next fall destination. 

One of the biggest advantages of the Hudson Valley is its accessibility. It’s just a short drive from major cities like New York City making it an ideal getaway. Two hours +/- from Connecticut or Philadelphia, by car.  For train information check out Metro North. 

Vibrant Colors that Mesmerize

The Hudson Valley is home to a myriad of tree species, each of which offers a unique palette of colors. Maples turn a brilliant shade of red and orange, oaks offer deep browns and russets, while hickories present bright yellows.  This girl has gone a long way from just knowing her different types of palm trees! When these hues transform in the fall, the landscape that it blesses us with is a canvas of rich warm colors, a painter’s dream! 

    Historic Estates

    The Huson Valley is steeped in history. Estates such as the  Lyndhurst Castle, and Olana Historic Site provide not only insights into the Gilded Age of American history but also showcase striking fall landscapes. One of my personal favorites is Vanderbilt Mansion.

    Walking through these historic grounds as the leaves change is like stepping into a time machine, where the past and beauty of nature intertwine. 

    Unique Look-Out Points 

     The Valley offers numerous lookout points from which to observe the sea of colors. Whether you’re taking a hike up the Catskill Mountains, visiting the famous Walkway Over the Hudson, or driving any of the scenic drives, here is one of our favorites. is the Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway.  

    Even driving on the Taconic State Parkway you will find vistas that take your breath away. 

    Fall Fest Galore

    Beyond the visual beauty, there is so many fall festival, and activities that happen in Hudson Valley New York come fall. Pick apples in the many oraches, and ensure you try the various array of apple cider donuts! Navigate corn mazes, and pumpkin patches and indulge in seasonal treats as it is of course harvest season. The region also boasts a thriving arts scene, with galleries, theaters, and inhibits offering a range of entertainment. The Storm King Arts Center is a great one for fall colors blending art and nature.

    The Hudson Valley is more than just a natural beauty it is a holistic experience that touches every sense. The fiery leaves, the sounds of them falling, the smell of wood fires, freshly fried apple donuts, and fresh cinder all combine to make the memories of a fall that lasts a lifetime.  So, if you have yet to witness this magic, make this year the one you treat yourself to autumn splendor.

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