Lessons Learned From Gen Z’s Unique Perspective on Sustainability


Generation Z, also known as the “sustainability generation“, has grown up in a world where climate change and environmental degradation are hot-button issues. As a result, they approach sustainability and protecting the environment differently than previous generations.  Their approach is marked by individual responsibility, intersectionality, and demand for systemic change. As they continue to enter the workforce and become more politically active, their perspectives will likely shape policies and practices for years to come.

Individual Responsibility

Generation Z understands that every person has a responsibility to take action to protect the environment. This generation is more likely than pre-Millenial generations to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. This generation also understands that actions today spae the future of our planet, and they are not afraid to speak up and demand action from those in power. They recognize that they have a critical role to play in advocating for sustainability.


Generation Z recognizes that environmental issues are not isolated from other social justice issues. They understand and know that protecting the environment is intertwined with social justice, equity, and human rights. As a result, they prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their approach to suitability. Collaboration is a universal language that transcends boundaries and cultures, and this Gen Z is committed to working with others to find environmental solutions.

 Systematic Change

Unlike previous generations, Generation Z is not satisfied with small-scale individual actions alone. They recognize the need for systemic change and demand that governments, corporations, and institutions take action to protect the environment and combat climate change. The need for urgent action to protect our planet is not just scientific or economic but a moral obligation. This Generation feels a deep sense of responsibility to ensure that the world they inherit is sustainable and habitable for future generations. They are passionate about making sustainable choices and driving the world in a more positive direction.

As we wrap up this blog post, we invite you to reflect on what actions you can take to protect our planet.

How will you join the sustainability generation and make a positive impact on the environment?




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