Permission to Life a Healthyish Life

It’s the beginning of a new year and what better time than now to give yourself permission to live a more Healthyish lifestyle.  While not the first person to invent the term, I’m sure, and please feel free to tweak the term as you see fit for you, but in a nutshell, to be Healthyish, (healthy) is for the majority part of your time; actively focus on being a healthy person. Only you know what that means for you. For some it’s sticking to the right calorie amount, maybe restrict certain types of food, or exercise regularly, or daily yoga routine, reading a favorite book. Whatever it is for you, focus on doing just a little bit more of it and being happy and healthy.  Truth is where also all human, we make all kinds of mistakes, those that can affect our mind and body. Sometimes our mind wanders to think negative thoughts, and sometimes a little too much fun happens. And guess what ? That’s all okay ! This year 2021 is the year to give yourself permission taking a Healthyish approach to life.  Healthyish is having all the good intentions to be healthy and making the right choices but not driving yourself crazy or depriving yourself of things you really want in life, knowing that you may not be your best ALL the time.  We can all have a bad day, go off the healthy diet, not exercise our bodies and minds. Healthyish is being okay with having off days. If you get off your regimen, shake things off and then the next day, get back to your more Healthyish of life. As long as your smart, everything in moderation, aim for a Healthyish way of life that best supports your body and mind.

Do More of What Makes Your Happy

Now mind you, don’t look to me for what Healthyish is supposed to look like.  Look inside yourself for that answer. As someone who once wanted to become a chef, loves to eat, has a love/hate relationship with exercise, and works hard to make it a daily habit to move my ass, I’m not looking to be an example either.  And While this blog is not intended to be a healthy living blog or resource, (there are plenty of other writers’ and expert on this subject) one thing I did want to share is or leave behind with anyone reading this is, that being Healthyish is about feeling empowered of living a lifestyle you choose, and one that makes you happy, first and foremost. You define your healthy, and therefore By using the word Healthyish, is choosing to focus on describing the good intention of wanting to be healthier, whatever that means to you. The simple focus on the good, in the circumstance, means that the approach is positive in thinking, and therefore more likely things will go well. Healthyish is applied to both mental and physical health and wellness, both of which are equally important.

Be True to What Make You Happy

A hunger for being authentic guides everyone, at every age, and aspect of life.  We are all built up in various layers and complexities with a moral compass that guides us. When anyone starts to feel uncomfortable, in that authenticity, having experiences on deeper levels, ask yourself, Why? Why are you feeling the way you feel? Feel all the feelings, learn to be okay with that but also answer the question of why, that helps you heal.  Make health and happiness a priority. Take the time to become more self-aware about your happiness, that in itself is a Healthyish way to look at life.  (Blog: Best Kept Secret for Life Measure in Happiness )

Change Your Habits to Support A Healthyish Way of Life

On average it takes about 60 days to form a new habit so if you’re getting started now, give yourself time, only that will help you lead a Healthyish lifestyle you’re proud of. Remember, we are what we repeatedly do, good habits are as addictive as bad habits, only a lot more rewarding.

Set Boundaries for Things That Don’t Make You Happy

Tuning into our bodies, our minds, and our health requires us from time to time to proactively ensure we have healthy boundaries set to protect our own happiness.  Our bodies give us signals when we’re nearing our personal limit, that feeling in the pit of your stomach, your heart racing, or breaking a sweat, are ways we notice or feel discomfort. One that may translate to a boundary that maybe has been over flexed and needing to be reset. Initially not an easy task, but an important one to do, as by honoring our limits we can better take care of ourselves.

Say No More Often

It’s more than just okay to say NO.  And It’s not rude to say NO, in fact, it should be the norm. When you don’t want to do something (practice, should you need to) but, saying NO should be respected and no explanation really needed. If others act surprised or react negatively to your saying NO, then know to be prepared to communicate clearly in order to set a boundary with that person. By saying NO, you leave room to say YES to a lot of other things you care about and contribute to your happiness. By saying NO is showing others, you value your work, time, and priorities and should be respected for it.

Think Positive Healthyish Thoughts

Learn to refrain from the negative mental talk. Ask yourself will this matter a month from now, a year from now, and answer the question, is it in your control to do something about it?  And if the answer is no, chuck it in the F* it buckets, moves on. Easier said than done but to be healthyish is to recognize the negative mind chatter and to flip the script. Daily positive thinking affirmations help improve your mindset and will share some of my favorites in another blog post soon.

Healthyish is Taking Ownership of Your Life

Know that only you can dictate how your story unfolds. Only YOU will determine what your story is going to be. Being authentically honest with what we want both personally and professionally in life and taking actionable steps towards those goals, no matter how small a step forward , is healthy for mind and soul.   Take the first step forward no matter how hard, and remember even when things get uncomfortable or in a situation unpleasant, try your best to focus on what you will learn from the situation or outcome, focus on solutions. Whether conscious of it or not, what guides each one of us is our taught core values, and it’s this internal compass that guides and directs us aiding our healthyish mindset.


Are You Ready to Live a more Healthyish Lifestyle?



Until next time ~ Ayri