A Debt of Gratitude To Our Farmers 

Have you ever stopped to think about the hard work and dedication that goes into getting food on your table? As we go about our lives it is easy to forget the hard-working farmers and those in the agricultural field who make it possible. Farmers and those in the agricultural field are some of the unsung heroes in society and we owe them a debt of gratitude for getting the food we want to be grown and on our tables. In this blog post, I want to express my appreciation for all the farmers, particularly apple farmers, and Hudson Valley farmers who work in agriculture.

A Rich History, Apple Farming in Hudson Valley 

When it comes to apple farming, New York State has a rich history. The Hudson Valley region in particular known for its many apple orchards has been a significant player in the apple industry for many years. History shares that the first apple tree planted in the United States, in the Hudson Valley region was by Europe settlers in the 1600s. During the American Revolution, British forces took over control of the Hudson Valley region and destroyed many of the orchards. But after the war, the apple industry bounced back and farmers began growing new and improved varieties of apples that were well suited for the region’s weather. Since then apple farming has become a major industry with numerous farmers growing high-quality apples for generations.

Farm to Table Capital of the World 

New York State was a significant producer of in the 19th and 20th centuries for apples with many of the orchards located right outside of New York City.  Some people believe that the saying “ big apple” may have had its origins in the city’s apple orchards. Or that the term was used by farmers to describe the city, which was seen as a significant market for apples. Others say that the nickname “big apple” was popularized by a sportswriter who describes the city’s horse scenes. So while no one may know for sure of the origins of the “Big Apple” its undoubtedly proved to be a successful destination marketing strategy for promoting NYC! However, moving over the “Big Apple”, the Hudson Valley is earning a new nickname as the farm-to-table capital of the world, “Harvest Valley”  the premier agri-tourism destination! Visitors and locals alike experience the bounty of the region’s harvest. Strongly encouraging others, to get out of the city, come out to visit local farms and farmers’ markets, and savor the delicious flavorers of the regions.

The apple industry throughout the years has gone through various cycles and the most boom seen in recent years as so many new varieties of products are now made from apples. Perhaps one of the most popular apple cider, a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and can be served warm or cold. Apples are used to make a variety of alcoholic beverages including cider, brandy, and apple wine. Apple juice never goes out of style and neither does a good apple pie or apple crisp. Apples are used in a variety of ways, from cooking sweet and savory dishes to being used in skincare, fragrance, and household products.

Savoring the Delicious Flavors of the Region 

The Hudson Valley is home to a diverse range of farmers who produce everything from apples to other fruits and vegetables, to dairy products, and wine.  Many farmers are working towards and committed to more sustainable agricultural practices. But, like farmers in other parts of the world, there are a number of challenges when it comes to climate change and labor shortages that affect farms. Despite these challenges, farmers everywhere are committed to producing high-quality food products for their communities and beyond.

The field of agriculture offered countless opportunities for anyone who is passionate about food, the environment, and making a positive impact in our society. Whether you are interested in farming, animal husbandry, agribusiness, or sustainable agriculture practices there are many exciting career fathers to choose from every day. With the growing demand for sustainable good practices and technologies, there is no better time than now to pursue a career in agriculture.

On this World Agriculture Day, we want to express our gratitude to all the farmers and agricultural workers who make it possible for us to put food on your table every day. We recognize all the hard work you do and thank you.

Have you Thanked a Farmer today? 


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