The Fuzzy Feeling that Is Happiness

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!” These are the famous lyrics from the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, and most likely we have all clapped along “ because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do!”  This song with its cheerful lyrics, upbeat temp, and overall energetic melody is a song that makes you want to sing and dance, and it’s hard not to feel happy when you listen to it. The track’s focus was very much intended to be on happiness and to evoke those feelings. This song in the simplest of contexts helps explain what happiness is. It’s that feeling of joy, fulfillment, being content, that fuzzy feel-good feeling in your heart that makes you smile ear to ear. It’s the feeling when you hear your favorite song, plays with your pets, hang out with family and friends, does things that you enjoy. You feel good. And when you feel good, you are good. Mental and Physically. It’s important to feel happy both mentally and physically and spread happiness wherever one goes. There are many instances when people feel happiness, such as when they feel safe, successful, or lucky, it evokes that fuzziness of happiness.

Measure in Happiness

By assessing your level of happiness and identifying areas of life that may need improvement, you can gain insights into what brings you joy and fulfillment. This approach can help you uncover your passion and purpose in life. The best-kept secret to life is to measure in happiness.

Acknowledging that happiness is a subjective experience that varies across individuals, however, measuring your life in happiness helps one understand what happiness means to you and how one can cultivate more of it into one’s life. This approach involves a balk between monetary pleasure and a long-term fulfillment. It’s not just about feeling all the positive vibes but also having a sense of purpose and meaning in life.  Measuring your life in happiness it gives you insight into your overall well-being and uses it to guide you in designing and creating a fulfilling and stratifying life. So take the time to assess your levels of happiness levels and identify areas of improvement, and you may just uncover your true purpose in life.

Millennial Parents Prioritizing Happiness and Mental Health

A recent study from Saatchi & Saatchi found that millennial parents are redefining what it means to be a family by prioritizing mental health and emotional well-being over traditional societal expectations. Compared to previous generations, millennials and Gen Z believe that happiness and well-being have different meanings, and they prioritize personal fulfillment and meaningful work over just making money. They view happiness as a balance of emotions and life satisfaction, favoring calmness for themselves and their children over pursuing status and material possessions. This shift is a result of the challenges that millennial parents face. They recognize the importance of taking care of mental and emotional needs to be happy in life.

Millennial parents are taking a different approach to teaching emotional literacy to their children compared to past generations. A recent article on CNN shared that parents and caregivers should start by helping children identify emotions at the moment,  (sad, mad, happy, afraid, etc) and recognize them, and accurately label the different emotions. This allows the skill of emotional literacy and one’s feelings to develop early in life. Unlike previous generations (who oftentimes where told to hide their emotions) millennial parents are committed to setting their children up for success and taking a more proactive approach.  Emotional literacy will have a positive impact on anyone mental health and well-being,

Creating Your Happiness Score Card

How do you measure your life in happiness? Aha! To measure your life in happiness one needs a create their own scorecard. Start out by listing specific areas of life you want to measure. Some examples include family & relationships, health, and wellness, career, purpose, personal growth and development, financial security, food security, communication, etc. Use as many as you want but at minimum 6-7 areas. In the simplest of formatting, rate these from 1-10 with the best being the highest level of happiness. Rate each area of your life and tallies up your score. Once you have your score you can actively take steps to improve your level of happiness.

How A Scorecard Can Help

Steps you can take include reflective exercises. Let’s say for example those lower scores, ask yourself what changes can be made to improve this area. You can look at your score and set specific goals for each area and devise a plan to achieve them. You can practice gratitude by taking time to reflect on the positive aspects of life. Using happiness, and “quotes to live by” can serve as a powerful reminder to prioritize positivity, gratitude, and joy in our lives, and can inspire us to culminate happiness outhouse around us. Your scorecard now acts as a guide for measuring your level of happiness.

By regular assessing one’s level of happiness it helps to identify patterers and trends over time. Analyzing happiness in this way its helped to determine what factors or life events influence the level of happiness, during certain time periods. This level of self-awareness will help one better understand themselves. You can evaluate your progress and a happiness scorecard can encourage one to take action to improve one’s level of happiness. Overall, a happiness scorecard can help someone assess their overall well-being and improve their level of happiness.

Improve Your Level of Happiness 

As we reflect on our own level of happiness, we must ask ourselves what really matters in life and what brings us true joy and fulfillment. What steps can we take to improve our happiness levels, and how can we prioritize our mental and emotional well-being to lead fulfilling lives?

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Free Happiness Scorecard

The happiness scorecard is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you assess your overall well-being and identify areas of improvement in your life. By regularly measuring your level of happiness in different categories you can set goals, track progress, and cultivate a fulfilling and satisfying life.