Business Trends Post Pandemic Era

The Tourism & Hospitality industries are some of the hardest hit economically by the pandemic, and the trickle-down effects are still being seen today in the communities we call home. While travelers are itching to get away, and as news of vaccinations becoming more readily available, travelers are starting to look forward to better times and are starting to plan a getaway in the second half of the year. Our industries within the Tourism and Hospitality sectors are responding by evolving and reinventing themselves looking forward to pent-up demand for travel and the new demands the post-pandemic consumer have for travel.  There is a new type of hospitality emerging as governments and stakeholders collectively find savvy and creative ways to weather out the storm. To ensure destinations, airlines, accommodations, tourist attractions, food, and beverage establishments, and other tourism support services are ready to meet the demands of the post-pandemic consumer, here are some trends being seen across industries that are paving the way forward no matter what business you happen to be in.  

Increased Health & Cleanliness Practices 

With or without a vaccine, the new norm from government leaders and public services will see an increase in regulations in regards to sanitation, health, and cleanliness. Companies, governments,  and stakeholders will adopt new rules and regulations for both travelers and employees in order to maintain the highest degree possible of personal cleanliness and inhibit the spread of any communicable disease. This has already started taking place in response to the pandemic but in 2021 governments aim to set a new degree of public health measures and standards and more regulatory compliance for cleanliness and safety.  Those brands and businesses that have emerged leaders in their commitment to health, hygiene, and safety, are seeing consumer loyalty in return. 

Social Distancing & Touchless Tech is Here to Stay

 Get used to the idea of following social distancing guidelines (and wearing masks) are also going to be the norm for quite some time. What travelers need to know, and be confident in,  is that traveling will continue to get safer and easier in the future. Companies and brands are looking at touchless technology  as solutions in ways of doing business to help keep a distance and contactless service. Amadeus, one of the leading travel tech companies in the world recently asked DMO’s, hotels, and airlines what technologies their consumers are demanding most, (that full article here)and one thing is clear, there is a need for an end to end solutions as we work our way out of the pandemic across all industries, not only in hospitality and tourism. New technologies will allow hospitality service providers the ability to upgrade and upsell as part of the booking process and in the process make travel more accessible and easy for the consumer.  While we have seen an increase of the likes such as mobile check-in and keyless entry, soon guests will demand the ability to choose their room, pre order F&B amenities, robot room service,  and of course from the convenience of their handheld devices. This in turn will allow businesses to collect a plethora of data from their consumers that can be used to further personalize their guest experience.

Travel with Purpose 

As with most things when you haven’t been able to do them for a while, you become more conscientious when you do them again, and travel will be no exception. While the safest method right now for traveling is considered going by car, there will soon come a time that families are looking forward to the airplane rides and faraway getaways.  The sole purpose of these trips, to safely allow all family members young and old to make up for lost vacations, celebrations, and family gatherings in unique destinations. Other travelers are emerging with the purpose of making a more positive impact when getting out in the world, in a more environmentally sustainable fashion leaving behind less of a footprint. For many, myself included, it is the realization that travel can so easily be taken away and can not be taken for granted. This is what has inspired me and so many others to start planning our dream bucket list once in a lifetime vacation experience and has us all eagerly awaiting the day we can all go out safely explore.

 Sustainability & Environmental Development


While this isn’t something new, there continues to be an increasing demand from consumers, travelers, and guests of what is expected from hospitality and tourism service providers when it comes to the level of eco-friendly products and services now readily available across the industry ei; in airlines, accommodations, car rentals, restaurants, attractions, and destinations. While sustainability practices have been adopted, as the collective industry there is a responsibility to build back a more resilient and sustainable industry.  UNWTO explains best what it means to meet the guidelines of sustainable tourism development. 

As with all emerging trends, evaluate what may work for your business and leave what doesn’t resonate. Just know that 2021 will most likely be the most significant year for your business to meet the demands of the consumers and grow revenue. When planning a long-term strategy, no matter what is needed to adapt and respond to the outside environment, ensure your stick to the core purpose of your business, and deliver on that promise. 

Appreciate your taking the time to read this quick article. Stay tuned for the next post on Vacation Travel Trends. 

What changes have you made to grow revenue this year?


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