Exploring the Different Types of Online Influencers

Welcome to the wonderful world of digital marketing, a realm filled with jargon, acronyms, and complex concepts that may seem like a foreign language than a serious (and crucial) business discipline! In this landscape of social media, influencer marketing has emerged as the MVP of 2023.  With so many people pursuing their passions online, it has resulted in an array of influencers and content creators. Each brings its unique value to the world of influencer and digital marketing. This article will dive deeper into the diverse world that is influencers as we unravel their intricacies and unveil the hidden gems that make digital marketing a thriving and ever-evolving ecosystem in today’s hyperconnected world. 


Bloggers can be traced back to the mid-’90s when online journals and personal websites started to become popular. In the early 2000s the term “blog” was coined. In the early days blogging was a way for individuals to share their personal experiences and opinions with the world, many times seen as a hobby rather than a profession. Over time blogging evolved and became seen as more of a profession as today there are bloggers of all types in specific niches, and monetizing blogs with advertisement and sponsored content. Many bloggers today earn a living from their work. What’s special about bloggers is everyone’s unique perspective and authentic voice on their topic.

Social Media Influencers Redefining Digital Marketing

Social media influencers are those individuals who have a large following on social media platforms like Instagram, Tick Tok and or Youtube. They focus on sharing content on specific niches such as travel, beauty, writing, and so on, the list of niches is endless. We have a blog post dedicated to this topic here. Social media influencers bring a personal touch to digital marketing. Brands can leverage influencers’ expertise to reach specific audiences. Social media influencers know how to create content that resonates with their followers and inspires action.

Celebrity Influencers Aren’t Always the Best Choice for Marketing Campaigns

Celebrity Influencers are those who are famous outside of social media such as actors, musicians, and athletes who use social media to promote their products, platforms, or causes. They often come with a high-rise tag and are an expensive option for any business. While celebrities may have a large fan base, they may not have the same personal connection or influence on their fans as social media influencers or micro-influencer.

Brand Ambassadors; The Human Face Behind Your Favorite Brands 

These are individuals who have long-term relations with a brand and act as the face of the company.  Well-known and respected in their respective fields, brand ambassadors, have a unique position and ability to connect with consumers and build brand loyalty. Ambassadors are typically selected based on their alignment with the brand values and how closely they align with their own. Brand ambassadors have a more formal long-term relationship with these brands and are often paid a salary or retainer to represent the brand. Ambassadors support by attending events and participating in marketing campaigns. Famous brand ambassadors who come to mind include Michael Jordan, a longtime brand ambassador for Nike. Beyonce has been a brand ambassador for various brands including Pepsi and H&M.

Micro-Influencers for the Win

This rising star of social media marketing.  These are regular people like you and me, pursuing their passion online just with a smaller following. Small but powerful. Micro-influencers have a significant impact on their niche or community and have a more personal relationship with their audience. This means that their recommendations are often seen as more trustworthy. The genuine authenticity that is only found in a micro-influencer is what helps brands drive revenue.  Because of their smaller communities oftentimes, micro-influencers are more selective with who they work and partner with. 

Regular People Driving Sales and Revenue Online; Affiliate Influencers

These are people who earn a commission for promoting and selling products through their unique affiliate links.  This is what in the biz we call performance-based marketing where businesses pay for promotion and sales. Influencers become affiliates of a brand and share on social media, blogs, and other platforms.

Video Content Creators

Digital marketing has greatly evolved over the years and its opened up many new opportunities for video content creators. In the past, video content creation was mostly limited to companies that specialized in producing video content for online platforms on behalf of brands, usually through media or creative agencies. However, today we have individuals who have access to sophisticated tech tools and can produce similar quality content. Video content creators are essential to digital marketing because they are the experts in visual spray telling and can effectively use platforms like Youtube, IG, and other channels where video content is needed. They possess technical know-how in video production and camera amount others. Overall, video content creators are passionate about their craft and leverage the power of video to help brands reach their digital marketing objectives. 

Podcasting Audio Creators 

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting that allows listeners to download audio content on demand. This podcast can be accessed and listened to at any time and cover a wide range of topics.  Podcasters create audio content so that is engaging, informative, and entertaining. There are over 2 million active podcasts and that number is only expected to grow as the creator’s content grows.

Animator Creators

An animator content creator is someone who creates animated content for specific platforms. Their animation skills bring stories and ideas to life through graphics, sounds, and visual effects. There is a wide range of content being created by animators from short animated sketches to full series or films. Many animator content creators specialize in a particular style of animation such as 2D,3D, stop motion, or motion graphics. Many of us may know Pixar the film studio that creates full-length films such as Toy Story, and Finding Nemo, and their animation style is specialized in realistic CGI animation.


Copywriters use their skills to create completely persuasive content that engages a reader to take action. These content creators oftentimes write text-based content for websites, social media, and ad copy, to name a few.  The skill of copywriters is in adapting their writing style to suit the platform and the audience their writing for. AI should be seen as a tool for copywriting as AI-generated content would lack the creativity and emotion that comes with human writing

Influencer Marketing Changing the Face of Advertising

Influencer marketing has become a vital part of the digital marketing landscape. Different types of online influencers bring their unique perspective and value to the table. Be it bloggers, social media influencers, celebrity influencers, brand ambassadors, micro-influencers, or any other type, each has its own strength and opportunities for brands to leverage. One thing is certain, influencer marketing is here to stay.  To stay ahead of the curve business should look for the right influencers to promote their brand and track key KPIs to measure the success of these influencer campaigns. There is no doubt that influencer marketing is a powerful tool that is helping brands reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and drive revenue.

What type of content creator are you? Or what type of content creator are you engaging in your influencer strategy? 


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