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A Leap of Faith

It is an incredibly emotional and significant day for the Maduro family. Today marks a decade since we took the biggest leap of faith in our lives. Many called us crazy, but deep down I knew it was a leap of faith driven by a burning desire for a new opportunity and an unyielding love for Aruba. 

Saying “Te Oro” Tearful Farewell

Today we reflect not only on the opportunities and adventures that awaited us but also on the challenging part of leaving our one happy island behind, saying “te oro” to our loved ones, family, and friends. We’ve missed out on so much back in Aruba- birthdays, weddings, and sadly funerals, all those gatherings that make life worth living. Sure, we try to stay connected but it’s not the same. But, Amid the homesickness, we found something wonderful, our family’s love, strength, and resilience. Our memories keep us going and our faith and hope have us believing something great awaits us on this journey. 

Navigating Challenges

Leaving our one happy island to embark on new adventures in the Northeast USA, we settled in NJ before moving further upstate to afford our life here. The cost of living in this region is undeniably high, and as a single family income of four, we faced our challenges. Our journey to establish our immigration status was not without difficulties and became a significant part of our story. One I won’t delve into today, but it played a crucial role in helping us find our footing in this new place. 

Finding Strength

As time passed, our children grew into young adults, preparing to venture into the world. My husband and I adapted to the American grind, working tirelessly to make ends meet. And as we sit here reflecting on the decade that just passed we recognize the lessons we’ve learned along the way. and very aware we need to tweak our path, make adjustments, and explore new avenues to reach our full potential.  Change is necessary as we look ahead to elevate ourselves and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Looking back on these ten years, the challenges we have faced forged our character, our spirit, and our soul. We have grown as individuals, as a family, and as Arubans seeking to make our mark in the world. The tears we have shed have not been in vain, they have watered seeds of resilience and determination that have blossomed into the strength each of us possesses today.  

Grateful Hearts Building New Connections

Leaving home was heart-wrenching, and in the early days, we felt like outsiders. But as time has passed we’ve connected with new people, and strangers have become friends.  When you look at the fabric of the United States, it truly is a place embracing diversity,  and we finally found our little community that appreciates the unique flavors we add to the mix. 

Hopeful Horizons 

My heart overflows with gratitude for the love that surrounds us, this journey has been emotional, challenging, and transformative. Filled with love, sadness, laughter, and many unforgettable memories, grateful for the path we have walked, the people we have met, and the love that keeps us going. The future holds endless possibilities and will keep spreading the Aruban spirit whenever we go,  Get ready for the next chapter of the Maduro’s, because we won’t be quite in this one!

Embracing the Next Chapter!

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