As more Americans show confidence in travel, next year is predicted the rebound year for tourism.  In a recent survey when travelers were asked to describe their outlook for travel in 2022, the majority of Americans cited being hopeful at the opportunity to take more leisure trips in the year to come, very much making up for lost travel time. This is great news for destinations around the world looking to increase their visitation and boost their respective economies through tourism.  Take this past weekend’s traveler data results as a strong indicator that travel is back in a very big way. The TSA is reporting that 2.45 million people traveled on this past Sunday alone! That is 85% of passenger volume in comparison to 2019.  And throughout the entire Thanksgiving week, over 20 million travelers took the skies while road travel giant AAA reported 25 million travelers on the roads.  So while the pandemic might not be over, and we are now learning of the new variant Omicron, one thing is certain, many people are very much looking forward to getting back to traveling. ASAP.

Tourism Takes a BIG Step in the Right Direction 

The U.S opening its borders on November 8th to vaccinated travelers and easing restrictions is providing a much-needed boost to economies on both sides of the Atlantic.  Travelers everywhere are showing great confidence in the travel industry as reported by various outlets,  and travel advisors report a second rush of business “boom” as travel gets confirmed on the books for early 2022. Major U.S cities can expect a rebound in visitation as popular destinations such as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami see increases in demand. While domestic travel has grown significantly this past year, global tourism as a whole is expected to rise in 2022. Travel is anticipated to generate $2 trillion dollars in economic activity in the U.S next year. This leaves a lot of room for opportunities for hospitality and tourism-related business to tap into the pent-up demand in their areas.

The New Type of Traveller

We know for certain a new more demanding travel consumer emerged. One that has higher demands but is willing to navigate (and pay) through the requirements of Covid-19 protocols in order to be able to travel. Not only is the new traveler willing to spend more on travel than they did pre-pandemic, but also many times plan to stay longer at their desired vacation destination. The many reports tracking travel sentiment of the American consumer all have the same general conclusion. Americans want to make up for lost travel time and 2022 will be the year to do it. Be it domestic or international, 85% of Americans feel they are missing out on life having not traveled for a while, and are willing to pay more now to secure a trip they will take in the future. More than ever travelers are eager to explore the world and no longer waiting for an end to the pandemic to book and take that dream vacation they have been longing and waiting for.

Is your business prepared to capitalize on the pent-up demand? 

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