What does it mean to Rethink Tourism? 

Today, September 27th marks the official World Tourism Day and celebrations are being held all over the world by tourism boards, travel businesses, governments, and tourism advocates alike.  A day to reflect, discuss, and bring awareness to the socio-economic power of Tourism and focus on the future.  The bigger value and contribution that Tourism brings to socio-economic development and how we sustainably build back, protecting our natural environment, better than we did before (the Covid-19 pandemic). Now, mind you, the idea of rethinking tourism is not new.  But a conversation that needs attention NOW so travel and tourism’s impact on culture and environment are closely monitored. Tourism over the past two years has gone through the biggest shake-up of its lifetime and destinations are consistently challenged with striking the right balance between their tourism model and what is best for their communities.  As the sector’s recovery is underway it’s the perfect opportunity to rethink the current approach as to how “we do tourism” meaning, putting people and the planet first. 

Today’s conversation centers around bringing together governments, private businesses, and local communities to re-think and re-design their community’s approach to Tourism. So, in reality,  there is no better time than today, as we move away from the pandemic, to build a better, more sustainable tourism model. Reflect and Rethink how we do tourism today and let’s all have a conversation!

Happy Tourism Day Everyone! 


Destination Marketing Specialist