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Labor day weekend is here so that must mean summer 2021 is coming to a close.  Yikes! Where did the summer time go! Did you get out and explore a beach, or lake, and have some warm weather fun splashing around? Did you enjoy a good day in a park, travel a little bit, and explore, Did you do everything you wanted to do this summer?  I sure hope so! If you haven’t, you still have a little time to book a quick trip with some last-minute planning before the colder temperatures start rolling in. Officially on the calendar summer ends on September 21, but as the tradition in the U.S, come to the end of August when the pumpkin spice lattes are already available at your favorite coffee shop, that must mean that Fall is upon us and before you know it winter will be here! 

Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

Labor Day is so much more than just a three-day weekend. It’s a patriotic federal holiday which was a hard-fought movement way before our time during the Industrial Revolution. You see, perhaps the simple things that generations today take for granted, such as safety regulations, fair pay, fair hours, and such were not regulated or normal. The reality was that during the time of the Industrial revolution it was very common that the American the worker, worked over 12 hour days, seven days a week, for very little pay. And of course, people noticed. As a result labor unions formed to fight for American worker rights. It was President Grover Cleveland that signed into law Labor Day. A bill that passed in the Senate house without objection. It was with much celebration that workers took to the streets in New York City and marched from City Hall to Union Square in celebration.

Labor Day Weekend is Synonyms with Travel

Labor Day weekend has become synonyms with Traveling, similar to Memorial Day weekend that kicks of the summer season. Predictions for travel this weekend say those travelers heading out will be younger Millennials hoping to squeeze in one last long weekend summer vacation (further than 50 miles away from home.) While the other half of us are looking forward to a long weekend closer to home as we shift our focus to the fall season. Truth is, we all know the Delta variant has caused havoc the past few weeks both here in the U.S and abroad for travelers and destinations alike.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 has once more complicated travel plans for many who had been looking forward to a much-needed vacation.  Staying stateside is looking like for many to be the safer option this holiday weekend. Also, be extra careful out on the roads this weekend as it is predicted 42.9 million Americans will take a quick road trip. Be it to the beach, waterparks, or lakes seems as if everyone wants to try and get outside one last time before the end of the season.

However, you choose to spend this weekend know that we celebrate Labor day because those before us fought to set the standards for the rights for all of us to be able to earn a livable working wage in a safe work environment today.

How will you celebrate Labor Day Weekend?

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