What is influencer marketing? We’ll explain this in detail below.  Does it really work? Cutting to the chase,  yes, influencer marketing really does work. It has for centuries and will for many more!

What is Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth, word of mouse, to now, what you see today, a mix of both! Think back for a minute, when was the last time you bought or used a product based on what someone else had to say about it? Whether that sharing of information was done in person or online, it most likely had an “influence” on your next purchase decision. 

Travel is a great example. How many times have you chosen your next vacation destination based on someone else experience? Or that great new restaurant? More likely than not, you saw, or heard that information online and across social media. Shameless plug, Aruba, my island home is a great beach destination for a relaxing vacation! 

The power of influencers is on the rise and has an impact on the choices of today’s consumers. The state of influencer marketing and the market size has more than doubled since 2019 and is valued at over $16.4 billion dollars.

Influencer Marketing as a Brand or Service

We all know there are numerous ways to reach potential new customers for your brand or service in today’s digital world. In fact, there are many powerful digital marketing strategies that can be used to reach new audiences.  But to reach new audiences on social media quickly, well, you need the help of influencers and content creators. 

With the recent boom in the creator economy, one could argue that everyone’s an influencer or content creator nowadays. So, for that exact reason know that not all influencers and content creators are created equal. You can read more on the difference between an influencer, content creator, and user-generated content creator in this blog article HERE.  What’s important to know is this, the visibility that influencer marketing gives brands to quickly reach a larger audience than a brand could have by sole advertising is of enormous value.

How to Choose the Right Influencer

Before embarking on an influencer marketing campaign it’s important to establish what your goals and objective are for your influencer marketing strategy. For some brands, it may be increasing brand awareness or for others to generate sales or both. Knowing your desired end result is an imperative step in the process of choosing the right influencer.  A second step could be, Influencers and content creators with similar goals and strong presence in niches a brand desires to focus on.  When researching for the right influencer or content creator taking the time to look at past collaborations is a must.  Evaluating the engagement an influencer or content creator has with its audience is key in determining the authenticity of an influencer content creator’s truly has with their audience. 

Influencer Marketing Effectiveness

Can these types of marketing campaigns be tracked and measured?  The answer is yes and yes for both influencers and content creators. Measuring the results of your marketing channels helps you understand the effectiveness of your digital strategy. Digging into the specifics of those results will be useful for optimizing future influencer campaigns. Some of the metrics that are used to measure the effectiveness of an influencer campaign include things such as; reach, engagement, brand lift, cost per acquisition, and sales, to name a few. With a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes an influencer marketing plan brands will be able to tap into new audiences scaling quickly and effectively.

Trusting that this influencer marketing article was helpful in providing some clarity on this niche but powerful marketing space. Any questions feel free to reach out! As a destination marketing specialist turned tourism and lifestyle blogger it’s a privilege to have a dual perspective in this unique space helping brands, influencers,s and content creators alike! 

Appreciate you taking the time to read this article to the end. 

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