Mask Mandate Kluster*uK 

When on Monday a federal judge struck down the CDC mask mandate for mass transit it lead the Biden Administration into a frenzy. Meanwhile, airlines and airports swiftly repealed their requirements for passengers to wear masks. The CDC also issued a statement saying it would continue to monitor public health conditions to determine if a mask mandate would be required (as it was set to expire on May 3rd.) Nonetheless, the Justice Department said that it would be filing an appeal, which seems to be mostly about jurisdiction than the actual mandate.  While people are not legally bound to wear masks, it’s now a personal choice. Following the ruling, many major airlines and airports including Delta, United, and Southwest, said masks are optional on their aircraft.  This story is far from over and we shall wait on the developments.  The U.S had been seeing a significant drop in Covid-19 cases since the surge that came about due to the omicron variant but there are concerns about the new variant gaining ground. Will a no mask mandate boost travel and tourism? 

Are you team Mask or Team NO Mask? 

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