Tidal Surge to start out 2022

Across the globe, all stakeholders have been challenged to work together setting new health, economic, and tourism policies what seems by now, week by week as we all ride out yet another Covid-19 wave. Never before has it been a more challenging, unpredictable, and opportunistic time for destination marketing, tourism organizations, and all stakeholders across public and private sectors.

Blinded by the Feeling of “Normal”

Only just a few short months ago, just about everyone was confident about traveling (by air) domestically and internationally in 2022. That all quickly faded as Omicron and its rampant effects drastically changed the winter season travel outlook.  The desire to return to what was once normally blinded the harsh faced reality of what was starting to happen on the ground.  That this next wave was starting to look more like a wipeout.

The Covid-19 pandemic again directly affects the tourism and hospitality industries and in the process complicates everything across the globe. And for as long as there are new variants, will continue to do so.  Just over the holidays over fifty percent of American travelers reported postponing an upcoming trip, and not because there isn’t faith in the travel process. Sadly, Omicron is so quickly contagious. It has made everyone worry about when or where rather they would or could risk getting sick. The number of travelers testing positive, workforce, well just about everyone, makes it worrisome. And rightful so. Laying low may just be the safer way to ride out the wave. 

How long will it take to ride out this wave?  

Well, that all depends on where in the world you are and more.

Until next Time ~ Ayri

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