Such a daunting proposition, where do you even begin? How do you even identify your purpose, let alone embrace it? Is it one goal? Many goals? Is it your passion that leads to your purpose or purpose to your passion? Honestly, I really have no idea. But, if you tag along with me, you’re welcome to learn whatever it is that transpires along my journey, as I dive deeper into understanding what makes us tick. What is in each of us, pulls us one way in life or another. It’s a hard journey for all of us, one that has many ups and downs to learn and grow from, all leading to discovering the type of life we want for ourselves, a life that makes us feel our happiest.

But before we even get to our passion and purpose…

Determine if the sacrifices are worth it because you can’t have it all, all the time.

We’ve all found ourselves at certain points and situations in life asking, “is all this hard work, sweat, and tears worth it? Is the sacrifice worth the price? Is the cost too high?” Personally, I have been there many times, as am sure many reading this have as well. And, it’s a question I will continue to ask myself over and over again. Why? You see, in my experience, with every level of life, there’s a reciprocal sacrifice one endures on that part of the journey. I have found that with self-awareness, and the understanding that you can’t get it all, all the time, you allow yourself to identify your life’s purpose, in less time. It’s just a realization one must endure…to achieve one must sacrifice. “Oh, hi Yin, have you met Yang?”

 Live Authentically, Aligned with your Core Values

Knowing what’s truly important to you and having a core foundation of guiding values will allow you to live true to your “authentic” self.  When you take the time to reflect and constantly realign those values with your journey, using them to guide the important decisions you encounter, it makes the path to a happier life easier. You’re in better alignment with your true path. As someone who is always in tune with vibes and energy, I also say to you, go with the feeling in your gut. You know the one. It’s in these quick, split-second life-changing decisions that propel one forward. I know this to be true. When you are on the path, the stars align, and things work out in your favor, it brings you joy. It’s in these moments that your heart provides a clue to your longer-term purpose in life. Lean into those moments.

A little crazy is okay, just make sure it feels right.

I’m not one to shy away from shaking up the status quo and taking a risk now and then, one that propels me forward, and I encourage anyone reading this to not be afraid to either. I say this because it’s in these moments, you most experience passion. It’s this energy that comes from within, a vibration you feel.  At first, it may make you think you’re slightly crazy, but in fact, it’s aligning your path, truth, and core values in an honest, naturally organic way, providing satisfaction to live a more fulfilled life. This feeling is allowing you to tap out the beat of your own drum.  It allows you to lean on your creative ideas, to dream up new opportunities and solutions to challenges you may find along the way. If a little crazy feeds what you are passionate about and good at, and, if you’re lucky, what you get paid for as a living,  then embrace a little crazy in life.

Get up and Over the fear of your own BS

Sorry to say it so bluntly, but the truth is, we often don’t move forward in life because of the fear of our own BS. It’s that weak story we keep telling ourselves that holds us back from achieving our goals, the weight between the ears that kills the confidence before the hard work even begins. Our mind plays tricks on us, making it feel too overwhelming to try something new or doing the “impossible”, when in fact, all things are possible. You need to plow past that BS fear like a MF bulldozer, or else you’ll fall short of your happiness goals.  This means taking clear action steps to move push past that feeling of fear. You might best identify it as your comfort zone. Take two big steps outside of your normal routine and push through it. I promise that feeling of fear, is your gut talking, and it wears off quicker than you think. Keep doing it over and over again until the fear fades away. What happens next, is that fear is now more manageable and doesn’t hold you back. Now that’s a happy life moment.



Are you aligning your core values to your life’s journey and pushing through what’s holding you back?


Until next Time ~ Ayri


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