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Have you heard about ChatGPT?

In the ever-evolving fast-paced world of technology, the newest kid on the block, ChatGPT, as our Generation Z’r would say, is  “coming in hot”.  This advanced language processing and machine learning system opens up Pandora’s box of possibilities for communication and the way we interact and use information.  ChatGPT, if used right, becomes your trusty sidekick who’s always dishing out a wealth of information at your fingertips.

How Does it Work?

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is designed to engage in conversation and provided relevant responses. It’s built on what’s called GPT-3 architecture in tech terms.  ChatGPT uses deep learning algorithms to process and understand the inputs (prompts) generating contextual aware responses. ChatGPT is a model that needs to be trained to generate these responses and that means that exposing CHATGPT to a massive about of data, from various sources helps the model understand language, lean patterns, and correlation within the data.  As more people use ChatGPT and engage with the model, it will only learn and improve. Over time, as this will be an ongoing process, CHATGPT will provide more accurate information. Warning, while ChatGPT provides what sounds like good information, it needs to be verified for accuracy.

Are ChatGPT conversations private?

Privacy should be a question for any online platform, website, or click you make these days online, and it is no different for any AI conversational platform, like ChatGPT.  While steps are taken to protect privacy when using ChatGPT, remember that because this is a langue model trained on publicly available data, it has a limited understanding of privacy or confidentiality. This open AI system is not designed to understand privacy the way we do as humans. It’s always better to be safe with it comes to your personal information and avoid sharing anything private with any open AI system.

Are CHATGPT answers unique?

Not really. It’s providing information based on what it’s been trained on. So often times those repossess may not be unique. The uniqueness really depends on the questions or prompts you ask it. If it’s a common question, it may give common responses. To make the responses more unique, use full prompts. What is a CHATGPT prompt? The best way is to share an example, so let’s say you’re visiting my island home of Aruba. A quick simple travel prompt with a straightforward request: “ What are some popular attractions in Aruba?” ChatGPT responded, “ Some popular attractions in Aruba include Eagle Beach, Arikok National Park, and Oranjestad, the city capital.” Now, instead of asking it what to do in Aruba, you can prompt it with, “Can you share some off-the-beaten-path, hidden spots in Aruba?”  Try it at CHATGPT.  Or ask,  make a three-day itinerary. Getting the idea?  In the tourism and travel space, ChatGPT will bring significant changes, including platforms like Expedia, which are one of the first to use AI in a new in-app travel planning app powered by ChatGPT.

How will ChatGPT make an impact across all types of Industries?

There are positive and negative impacts and changes, anytime a new technology is introduced and ChatGPT is no different. ChatGPT’s versatility and scalability make it a transformative technology that can improve various aspects of business across sectors.  One of my personal favorites, automating routine tasks. But there are various ways businesses will improve from efficiency to customer satisfaction and personalization. Here’s another blog that dives into it further, Quantntum Black, AI by McKinsey.

It’s a Fast Pace World of Technology were Living In

As an elder millennial, I’ve lived through the fast paces of technology changes and have been an early adopter of many new platforms, this one included.  ChatGPT without a doubt is changing the game.  There is a new era of communication and Information access is here and I for one am all for it. Recognizing the impacts, and privacy concerns, aside, if harnessed correctly ChatGPT can elevate various things we do on the daily. So get ready, and start to embrace the future powered by AI.

Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities of ChatGPT?

As this topic is lengthy, there will be a series of blogs on this topic, that will dive deeper into ChatGPT and learn together. Stay tuned.

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