Trusting that Inner Spark

There’s a tinge that pulls at your heart,


A spark uniquely yours and special it sets you apart.


It whispers of a dream, that’s impossible it seems.


Take that leap of faith, for with every step you take, success is within reach and yours to make. 


Passion is the fuel that will carry you all the way through.


And while the path may not be clear, and obstacles near, remember that the purpose will appear If you stay true and persevere.


So follow the tinge, follow the light, and take the chance,  as long as you always do what’s right.


Take the leap, don’t be afraid, for fortune favors the brave.


And when you start feeling lost or dismayed, stay focused, and positive and keep the faith.


Go forward, chase your dreams, and follow the tinge with every fiber of your being.


Pursue your dreams with all your heart, and give it your all right from the start.


For when you follow that inner spark, that tinge that pulls at your heart, the universe will guide you to hit the mark.


Have faith in yourself my dear, and please don’t ever fear, with your dedication and passion success will soon appear!


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