2 Quick Tips for a Healthy Body Positive Mindset

“God, I wish somebody wouldn’t told me when I was younger that all bodies aren’t the same Photoshop, itty bitty models on magazine covers told me I was overweight, …… I know Victoria’s secret, she was made up by a dude (dude)…..she was made up by a dude!”…

Did anyone else find themselves singing this body-positive anthem over the summer? Written by Tik Tok star Jaxwritesongs, this body-positive anthem stuck with many people that could relate to the negative body talk that has influenced and fueled (for years) a distorted perception of what is deemed to be beautiful by “society”.  The Body Positivity movement, which originated in the “’60s was the first activism whose goal was to break the link between weight and personal worth. Reinforcing that everyone deserves respect and fair treatment regardless of their body shape or size. It’s now 2022, enough with “societal” standards,  love yourself, and accept all the shapes of your body!

Regardless of the generation you grew up in, as women it’s imperative to be accepting our bodies, all shapes, and sizes, and embrace all the changes we go through with our bodies. Rather than feeling ashamed, self-conscious, or uncomfortable holding up to superficial standards or comparing ourselves to others, we need to value our own beauty and identity, celebrate body diversity, and empower women to make peace with their bodies, and all of this should be celebrated! When a person has a clear perception of their own body and respects their body it’s a liberating free feeling. Here are two tips to adopt a body-positive mindset.

Attitude & Mindset

It’s all about Mindset. And that applies to everything in life including our bodies. Does the way your think align with the way you want to feel? Check your mindset at the door. Are you ready to say yes to your physical appearance? If the answer is no. Re-program your brain to feel good about yourself and your body. Watch your self-talk. This directly impacts your emotions which will impact your behavior. Replace the thought, “I need to lose weight”  with, I need to treat my body with respect and take good care of it”. Or for those of us moms who dislike how the belly looks after having a child, reframe that thinking and rather appreciate the fact you grew babies!

Self Acceptance & Recognizing Your Own Uniqueness

Not everyone needs to love their body all the time but rather accept it for what it is. I don’t know one woman who enjoys the cellulite on their legs (which is super normal by the way ). But I bet those are some strong legs taking you where ever you need to go! It’s important to appreciate all the things our body does for us daily, after all, it’s the only house we truly have to live in. Understanding that your worth is not based on how you look and recognizing your own uniqueness is the best representation of what beauty is.  There is no definition of beauty. The only way to achieve beauty is to feel it from the inside out, true beauty is someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. Our body will carry us all throughout our life and looks exactly the way it’s supposed to.

How do you embrace your body positively?


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