The Journey of Discovering our Lifes True Purpose

As we travel along the journey of discovery of our life’s true purpose, the lessons in each of the many chapters are meant to be there, just for you. To teach us and to help us become the best version of ourselves. In life, when things are easy, it’s easy, but when it’s hard, it’s hard.
There will also be times on the path where things that will greatly affect one’s life, are simply out of your control. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck for long periods of time, standing still, with the monotony of dealing with the same struggles over and over. If you fall victim to trying to control the uncontrollable, you may lose sight of yourself, which only robs you of peace and joy. Your mental health will struggle until finally, you take action. You alone are the main character in your life, and author your own story. When you focus on your narrative and those things you can control, you’ll be living your best life. Life is too short to not be writing exceptional pages every day.  If we pay close attention, usually near the end of a chapter, we learn a lesson and get over what was holding us back. This is the moment we discover more of who we are and what we want. Without having stumbled across these challenges our paths, we would not have grown stronger and better prepared for what experiences await in life’s next chapter.

If you don’t love how your story reads, sharpen your pencil.

In life, just as in a good book,  proper structure provides clarity and flow to the story. As you and the universe around you change, you will realize there are structural changes you may need to make in your story writing. You may need to change your environment and move to a new country to start completely fresh. It could also be the start or end of a new or old relationship, cutting ties with toxic family members or friends, or beginning a new job or business. Sometimes, it’s simply letting go of things that no longer align with the evolution of your values or goals. Whatever the circumstance, the profound nature of it will require a change and plot twist to the structure of your story. As hard as that life moment can physically, or emotionally be, don’t let fear hold you back. I agree that new beginnings can be scary, but I urge you to claim ownership, craft your story and have faith that anything is possible. Life is a book of many chapters that teach us lessons and guide us on our path to purpose.

New Beginnings: When Bittersweet turns to Beautiful

Good news! It’s never too late to make a change and write a new chapter to your story. Be a selfish author, focus on your passions and pursue the things that pull at your heartstrings, and play the tune of life fulfillment. New beginnings are equal parts beautiful and bittersweet so to navigate the emotions that come with a new start, it’s important to surround yourself with people who represent the promise of your future, rather than the burdens of the past. You only have one life, so build connections and friendships that enrich your life, help and do good to others, focus on what makes you happy, and do more of it, every day. When you increase your sense of belonging and purpose, you will boost your happiness and reduce daily stress. Celebrate the good times, avoid the drama and discourage any lifestyle habits you don’t agree with, and don’t feel right. With each new beginning, tune into the friendships you treasure and that offer needed companionship and support in good times and bad. Cherish all the memories and lessons learned at the close of the last chapter while confidently moving towards the future. You will enrich your life, improve your health and enjoy the journey that much more.

Exit your Comfort Zone & Enter your Growth Zone

Hey, we all know that calmness, can be great…nothing wrong with being content with where you are. BUT…if that voice inside your head keeps telling you to dream bigger and do more, change and action is what you need to exit the comfort zone and enter the growth zone. As I’ve gone through my life’s chapters and shifted through the zones, I’ve learned a few important things. It all starts with solid mental health. You absolutely need it to enjoy life and cope with challenges. Just like you watch your weight and protect your physical health, taking care of your mental health is essential for exiting the comfort zone.  Pardon my French, but when you stop giving a F*CK about what other people think and start working on yourself, that’s when you’re on your way to a best-seller. You need to distance yourself from toxicity, learn new skills, push past your own fear, get past the learning curve and develop your inner circle of trust. That is when you slam the door on your comfort zone, kick open the door to your growth zone, and an amazing, fulfilling life.

 Ask yourself: Why am I afraid of leaving my comfort zone? What’s stopping me from moving past this plateau in my life?